Welcome!  The Mississippi Credit Union Association is pleased to provide our member credit unions this regulator-mandated BSA/OFAC training at no additional charge as an added benefit of membership with MSCUA!  As an added convenience for our members, we are making the training available online for credit union's staff and volunteer viewing convenience. The training webinar is presented by Cheryl Oggs, CLE, CCUE, BSACS, MSCUA Vice President.

If you were not directed to this training page by your credit union manager, we suggest you contact your manager before you begin, as your participation in this training must be documented.

The 2018 training materials have been combined into a single presentation delivering new information about which both staff and volunteers should be aware.  In addition, this year we have also included a training course for new employees which can help provide an overview of BSA and its impact to a credit union.

You may begin the training video below at any time.  Please set aside about an hour of uninterupted time to view the training video.  Please make sure your speakers/volume are turned on.  The videos are shared using SharePoint & Dropbox - please make sure your computer settings allow you to access files shared via Dropbox and Sharepoint.  If you still cannot access the video, please contact MSCUA for alternatives.

Click here to view BSA training for STAFF & VOLUNTEERS video (32 minutes)
Click here to download the BSA training for STAFF & VOLUNTEERS presentation slides (PDF)

Click here to view BSA trainig for NEW STAFF video (35 minutes)
Click here to download the BSSA training for NEW STAFF presentation slides (PDF)

Additional resources and information can be found below the video by scrolling down this page.  


Model BSA/OFAC Policies
The following model policies are two of the hundreds of model policies available in CU Policy Pro, an online resource which all MSCUA-affiliated credit unions have access to at no additional charge as an added benefit of membership:

Additional Resources

Training Logs/Certificates
To document your credit union’s BSA training, each employee/volunteer must sign the training log indicating that they have completed BSA training.  The credit union manager must then sign the log certifying their participation and keep the log on file at the credit union for the examiners.  Although not required, if you would like to provide your staff with a Certificate of Attendance, we have also provided a certificate.  

Thank you for your support of this MSCUA training opportunity!

In addition to this BSA/OFAC training, MSCUA encourages our member credit unions to utilize these additional resources available to credit unions as an added benefit of membership!