Publications, Newsletters & e-News from MSCUA

MSCUA encourages staff and volunteers at credit unions affiliated with the Mississippi Credit Union Association to subscribe to the publications of their choice, which are listed below.  (Please note: MSCUA publications are intended for our member credit union's staff & volunteers. We reserve the right to limit subscription access to non-members/other organizations.)



CU Connection Weekly e-News
A weekly (published Wednesdays) one-stop newsletter for an overview of the top news, events and information relevant to the Mississippi credit union community. SUBSCRIBE

  Training & Events Update
An e-newsletter announcing & highlighting upcoming professional development, training and event opportunities.  (Published as/when needed.) SUBSCRIBE
  InfoSight Compliance Newsletter
A weekly (published Fridays) e-newsletter featuring compliance issues and topics about which credit unions should be aware. SUBSCRIBE
  Advocacy Update
An e-newsletter about legislative & regulatory advocacy activities conducted by or on behalf of Mississippi credit unions.  (Published as/when needed.) SUBSCRIBE
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A quarterly print publication for credit union volunteers & managers. Mailed directly to volunteer's home address when home address is provided!  To SUBSCRIBE, please use this email request form or call (800) 748-8627/(601) 981-4552 ext. 304 and ask to subscribe.