Deer Crashes Mississippi CU Association Building

Posted October 24, 2012    

Jackson, MS 10/24/12 - Margie Purvis, an employee of Applied Technology, a company with office space in the Mississippi Credit Union Association building, got a startling surprise when she arrived at work this morning. 

"I opened the door and I immediately heard a large crash and I knew there was no one in the office, so I assumed it [the noise] had come from down the hall, so I turned to look down the hall, and when I turned around, there was a deer standing behind my desk looking at me," said Purvis.  "At that moment I shut the door and started yelling, screaming, for my next door office neighbor to come help because there was a deer in my office."

The deer entered the building by crashing through a window, but was unable to get out of the office.  It was eventually confined in an interior room of the office until officials with the Jackson Police Department & Animal Control could arrive to assist.  The deer had sustained some cuts from breaking the window, but officials were able to remove the animal and release it into nearby woods.   

The deer's escapade in the building damaged some of the office's walls and carpet, and a few pieces of small furniture were overturned. 

"It scared me to death," added Purvis. "That is just not something you expect to see when you open the door."

Pictures from the event can be found on MSCUA's Facebook Page.


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