"Gift Card" Scam Alert

Posted July 23, 2012    

The Mississippi Credit Union Association's name has been used in a gift card scam sent by email.  If you receive an email similiar to the one below, DO NOT RESPOND OR CLICK ON ANY LINKS, WHICH COULD CONTAIN MALWARE.  To learn more about how to be on guard against internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information, visit http://www.mscua.com/consumer/financial-eduction/.

Text of email gift card scam:

Dear John, 

On behalf of Mississippi Credit Union Association you have been issued a $1,000 Visa Gift Card free of charge.

Card type: Visa Gift Card
Issued to: John M. Doe
Issuing branch: Madison, Mississippi
Valid until: 08/2015

Please use the following website to claim your card and have it shipped to the address of your choosing:

Go to: [Site URL removed]

Note that claims must be made within 48 hours from this email being sent, or the above link will become invalid.

Sincerely, Rachel
Customer Service
Employee Benefits Center, LLC


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