If you would like to download the 2014 MSCUA Annual Meeting Program to your mobile device, we recommend downloading & using the free app "Adobe Reader," available in Apple's App Store & Android's Play Store.

Loading a document into Adobe Reader from your device's web browser:

  1. FIRST, INSTALL THE APP "ADOBE READER" ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE.  It is available for free in Apple's App Store & Android's Play Store.

  2. After installing Adobe Reader, using your mobile device, click a link above to open the PDF document in your mobile device's web browser.

    1. APPLE DEVICES:  With the document open in the browser, tap on the center of the screen to activate the "open with" dialog bar. Choose to "open with" Adobe Reader.

    2. ANDROID DEVICES:  1) From the "complete action using" pop-up box, choose  Adobe Reader. 

  3. The document will now be available in your Adobe Reader app for quick & easy reference throughout the event!