Award & Recognition Opportunities

Mississippi Credit Union Hall of Fame
The Mississippi Credit Union Hall of Fame recognizes the commitment, leadership and dedication that deserving individuals have made to the credit union movement.  Tenure of service, contributions, achievements and the impact the individual has made not only at their respective credit union(s), but also in the industry, are among the considerations.  Individuals must first be nominated in order to be considered for Hall of Fame induction. Active or retired credit union employees and volunteers can be nominated.  Nominations can also be made posthumously.

The inductee(s) for the current year receive special recognition at our Annual Meeting & Convention, which is held in May of each year.  Hall of Fame nominations can be submitted at any time, but are due no later than [Date TBA] in the current year for current year induction consideration. 

  • Hall of Fame NOMINATION FORM (Notice:  Effective June 1, 2015, the link to the nomination form has been deactived while MSCUA updates the form.  The nomination form link will be re-actived when the updated form is available.)
  • Hall of Fame Inductees

Advocacy Award Program
Recognizes credit unions & individuals that participate in advocacy initiatives structured in defense of the credit union movement. Simply complete 3 or more advocacy initiatives in a calendar year for recognition.  Learn more about the Advocacy Awards here

National Credit Union Recognition Award Programs
CUNA's National Award programs are designed to encourage and recognize distinguished credit unions which demonstrate social responsibility (the Dora Maxwell Award), the credit union philosophy (the Louise Herring Award), and financial education (the Desjardins Awards).

New for 2015
In an effort to streamline the submission process for our member credit unions and to reduce financial and human resources spent on the submission process, CUNA and the Leagues have collaborated to produce one standardized format and online submission process for our member credit unions.

Award program & entry details:

  • Mississippi award entries are due no later than August 14th of the current year for state-level competition judging.
  • A suggested timeframe for the activities covered in your entry is from May of the previous year to May of the current year. (May - May)
  • When compiling your entry, please keep in mind that judges look for only the most "extraordinary projects with well-defined, measurable goals" to recognize.  Entries should be for a unique undertaking; fund-raising and supporting national charities are worthy projects but are not easily distinquished from other credit union's projects. Please read the "Message from CUNA's Award Committee" below for more tips on preparing a good entry.
  • All entries must be submitted electronically. To enter, click here to go to the Awards Program Home Page, then use the Submission Link(s) for the award category you wish to enter.
  • There is a is $50 entry fee per entry, per category.
  • If you have questions regarding the new electronic entry method, use the "Instructions & FAQ" link at the top of the Awards Program Home Page.
  • If you'd like to get a feel for award-winning activities in your credit union's asset category, use the "winners" link at the top of the Awards Program Home Page.

Message from CUNA's Award Committee: