Credit Union Develpment Education (CUDE)

Join other Mississippi credit union leaders that have completed their Credit Union Development Education and earned their CUDE designation.  CUDE training is open to everyone from new employees who need a credit union orientation to seasoned executives who need to recharge. Participants cite many benefits of attending DE training:

  • Graduates acquire skills in credit union outreach initiatives, problem solving, technical assistance, team building, and public presentations.
  • Graduates earn certification as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). They join a networking group including over 1,000 graduates across America and 30 other countries.
  • CUDEs realize that local issues are indeed global – and that credit unions grow stronger by working cooperatively.
  • CUDEs return to their jobs with new understanding of how to promote cooperative principles and credit union values as distinct advantages in today’s competitive financial services marketplace.

The National Credit Union Foundation is the primary sponsor of the Credit Union Development Education program.  Learn more about the CUDE Program at